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As an incredibly talented fashion designer from San Francisco, Kaylin has overcome more at 27 years old than most do in a lifetime - having battled two entirely different forms of cancer.

Over the course of a full year, the second season of World of Jenks (set to premiere in 2013) will follow Kaylin as she moves across the country to New York City in order to make her dreams of becoming a fashion designer a reality.  And adding storyteller to her resume, she also has big plans to publish a graphic novel, called "Terminally Illin", that takes an irreverent look at the world of a cancer-fighting heroine.

But in an ill-fated turn of events, Kaylin is currently battling cancer for a third time...

Diagnosed with a recurrence of her first cancer, a rare bone disease called Ewing’s sarcoma, she's more determined than ever to kick cancer's ass once again.

But this time, Kaylin needs your help!  Whether through a donation that will off set her medical bills or a friendly email to help brighten her day, every act of kindness is appreciated.

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About   World   of   Jenks

Last season, "World Of Jenks" scored MTV's highest ratings ever for a series premiere, and followed award-winning filmmaker Andrew Jenks as he moved in with twelve inspirational individuals and lived with each of them for one week.

In 2013 Jenks is back. But this time, he's found three young people with lives so extraordinary that he had to spend an entire year experiencing life through their eyes.

One of them is Kaylin, a bold and beautiful fashion designer striving to make it in New York City despite the cancer diagnosis that threatens her life.

Enlightening and uplifting, heartbreaking and hilarious, "World Of Jenks: Season 2" promises to set a new standard for gripping documentary programming on MTV.